Kevin Smith

The Founder and President of Smartrend Manufacturing Group, Kevin has a 12-year background in leading all operations of a global contract manufacturer providing end-to-end solutions to OEMs and industrial producers. His efforts ensure the supply of quality-focused customer-specific parts, components, and sub-assemblies to SMG’s customers. Kevin spearheaded Smartrend in Winnipeg, Canada and rapidly expanded sales and sourcing channels to ensure maximum business growth and market penetration. He now directs branch offices in Canada, the U.S., and Asia.

Kevin is an expert in product globalization and actively consults with accounts to develop tailored solutions to improve efficiencies and solve complex manufacturing problems. He has a thorough knowledge of OEM and industrial producer processes and materials within the mass transit, LED technology, electronic manufacturing services, and varied other industries. This insight allows Kevin to develop and execute the manufacturing of highly engineered customer specific parts within the business landscapes of different countries and cultures. He excels in leading customer projects from concept to completion and has established philosophies and systems at Smartrend to provide that same level of value to all customers.

Kevin has been an invited speaker at an industry conference; sharing his knowledge of outsourcing and manufacturing principles.