With an extensive network of qualified sources that include diverse processes and materials, SMG can provide a single-source customized solution to your supply chain needs.

Up-front collaboration with our customers removes potential manufacturing roadblocks before they can cause unnecessary costs and delays in supply. Sources are regularly audited to verify capability and quality. SMG’s local staff ensures on-site quality and timely production. These efforts combine to provide customized components and assemblies that meet all requirements while providing low total acquisition costs.

Customer benefits include:

  • Proactive, cooperative approach to manufacturing
  • Smooth transition to manufacturing operations
  • Cost savings on multiple levels, providing lowest total cost of acquisition
  • Customized, cost-effective supply chain solutions
  • Better control of supply chain through a consolidated single source
  • Local staff to verify quality and maintain production schedule needs

Click here for a list of readily available processes. Contact us regarding other materials or processes. Qualified sources for your needs may be available.