Our Approach to Quality

SMG is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. As such, we adhere to the following quality management principles:

1 Be a customer-focused organization – By utilizing APQP in a cooperative fashion, we gain a greater understanding of our customers’ needs. Thanks to this approach, we can meet all requirements while striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

bg-22 Use a process approach – We manage activities and related resources using a structured process approach to achieve results more efficiently.

bg-43 Continual improvement – The DMAIC approach is at the core of our quality activities. Application of DMAIC principles allow us to continuously improve the company’s overall performancebg-1

bg-24 Decision making based on facts – We use only the analysis of factual information and data to make effective decisions, eliminating erroneous assumptions.bg-3

bg-45 System approach to management – We effectively manage integrated processes to assist SMG’s efficiency in achieving our objectives.bg-1

bg-26Mutually beneficial supplier relationships – We build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. Effective cooperation enhances the ability of both parties to create value.bg-3

bg-47 Involve our people – We believe that people are the essence of an organization. We encourage involvement at all levels to help our people develop and use their abilities for the overall benefit of the company.bg-1

bg-28Provide leadership – We establish unity of purpose and direction, and create an internal environment that encourages our people to become fully involved to achieve the company’s objectives.