SMG offers what our competitors can’t

Capability, efficiency, and collaboration: that’s what allows SMG to provide customers with high-quality customized components and assemblies while providing a low total cost of acquisition. By working with customers as strategic partners, we eliminate roadblocks and create efficient, robust processes. Efficiency is maximized, reducing costs — and that allows for cost-effective customized supply of parts that maintains high quality standards.

Combine this with a broad range of material and process capabilities, along with flexible and efficient inventory management, and you have the complete SMG supply package — parts that meet your specifications, efficiently produced, and delivered on-time at low overall cost.

1) Best-in-Class Processes

  • APQP: APQP builds quality into the design up front, making the transition to manufacturing smooth and efficient. This leads to:
    • Seamless implementation into manufacturing
    • Timely and defect-free product launches
    • Repeatable processes / reduced process variation
    • Robust and reliable designs
  • Quality at the source
    • For every order, SMG’s quality assurance staff are in the factories at all stages (from pre-production through post-production) for product inspection and verification.

2) Transparent Business Practices: SMG’s open approach enhances collaboration and reduces miscommunication

  • Factory introductions: customers receive an overview of the chosen factory to introduce the company, processes, and other relevant
  • Trade missions – joint factory visits with our customers as required.
  • Review of quality plans – quality plan reviews with customers ensure that the customer is comfortable in moving the project forward with SMG.

3) Fully Customized, Cost-Effective Supply Chain Management Programs

  • Custom parts and corresponding comprehensive quality plans.
  • Scheduling, stocking, and release frequencies integrated into your specific systems.

4) We Accommodate All Order Sizes: SMG can support and supply both low and high-volume projects

  • Consolidated ocean shipments eliminates the need to order a full container.
  • We manage inventory based on your specific estimated annual usage.

5) Our “Keep the line Moving” Commitment

  • We do whatever is necessary to keep the line moving and meet customer schedules.